Mallomonas bangladeshica

General information

Description:  Siver, P.A. & Wolfe, A.P. (2009). Tropical Ochrophyte algae from the Eocene of Northern Canada: a biogeographic response to pas global warming. Palaios 24: 129-135.

Basionym: Mallomonopsis peroneides var. bangladeshica E.Takahashi & T.Hayakawa 1979 

Synonyms: Mallomonopsis bangladeshica (Takahashi & Hayakawa) Wujek & Timpano 1984; Mallomonas peronoides var. bangladeshica (Takahashi & Hayakawa) Kristiansen & Preisig 2007; Mallomonas bangladeshica (Takahashi & Hayakawa) Nicholls 1988 (invalid combination).

Autecology: unknown, prefers warm water.

Distribution: mainly tropical, in Europe rare.

Distribution map