Neotessella lapponica

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Description: Jo, B.Y., Kim, J.I., Škaloud, P., Siver, P.A. & Shin, W. (2016): Multigene phylogeny of Synura (Synurophyceae) and descriptions of four new species based on morphological and DNA evidence. European Journal of Phycology 51: 413-430.

Basionym: Synura lapponica, Skuja, H. (1956): Taxonomische und biologische Studien uber das Phytoplankton schwedischer binnengewasser. Nova Acta Regiae Societatis Scientiarum Upsaliensis, Series 4 16: 1–404.

Autecology: acidophilic.

Distribution: Northern temperate, especially subarctic.

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Tehriselkä, Finland
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